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Hi! My name is Omer Basha. As a home-brewer, a BJCP Grand Master Beer and Mead Judge and a Certified Cicerone®, I’m here to help you level up beer, mead and cider knowledge. I am a home-brewer for 12 years and back in 2017, I started organizing BJCP exams in Israel, attaining the Master rank in 2019. I started this channel in 2021 as a project to share my talks, courses and thoughts about beer, mead and cider while having fun along the way.

Omer Basha evaluates a beer
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Experience & Expertise

BJCP Grand Master Beer Judge

June 2022

In 2017 I started organizing BJCP exams in Israel and in 2019 I attained the Master rank. The Master tank is the most difficult rank to achieve in the BJCP.  It shows that a judge is in the top 1% of their field and is looked at as a mentor and leader in the program.


June 2020 - Present

In 2020, I was elected to represent the interests of members residing within Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region as a member of the Board of Directors, the governing body of the BJCP.

BJCP Mead Judge

June 2022

In 2019 I started giving BJCP exam prep courses in Europe and Israel. As I had to proctor the first mead exams, I was able to achieve this endorsement in 2022.

Certified Cicerone®

June 2022

The Certified Cicerone exam allows individuals to quickly demonstrate that they possess a professional body of knowledge and essential tasting skills related to beer. Certified Cicerones enjoy enhanced respect and prestige that can help improve their business success and career prospects.

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