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Welcome to my new site!

Hi all!

I created this site to accompany my YouTube channel and upcoming podcasts. I started home brewing in 2008 in Israel, and for over a decade I am involved in the beer community in Israel. During the years I was involved in the Israeli beer market as a commercial brewer and a contract brewer. In 2017 I organized the first BJCP exam in Israel and since then organized many exams, competitions and more beer related events. In 2019 I attained the Master rank in the BJCP and in 2020 was elected as the Europe, Middle East and Africa regional representative. In 2021, due to the COVID pandemic, I started giving beer, mead and cider evaluation classes online and started uploading my talks to YouTube. In 2022 I decided to take my YouTube channel to the next level and invested in equipment and more.

Today, beer, mead and cider are a hobby that I'm very passionate about. I have a PhD in bioinformatics, and I currently work as a software architect in an Agricultural startup called agrematch where we develop new herbicides and fungicides using AI and deep learning. So this website is only my hobby and I do not make any money from it.

You can find me on various social media platforms and if you want more content check out my patreon profile for private videos, podcasts and recordings.


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